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 Freya and Hunter of Saxon's pack

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PostSubject: Freya and Hunter of Saxon's pack   Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:18 am

Name: Freya
Age & Gender: 6 years, female

She is a brown and black German Shepard
Freya is a Beautiful and loving dog. She hates fighting and loves speaking to new dogs. She always wants to take care of Hunter and Saxon. Freya loves her mate and is expecting Hunters kits. She loves her brother dearly and also loves to play. She is Selfless and is ready for anything. She will always sacrifice herself for her family and group.
Pretty much the same as Saxons
Pack: Saxon's Pack

Name: Hunter
Age & Gender: 7 years, male

He is a pure white wolf.
Hunter is a great hunter. He loves Freya and can't wait for his pups to be born. He wants them to be named after Long Arm gods like Odin, Loki and the others. He loves to run and play. He
always wants to hunt and loves Saxon like a brother. He is mischievous and naughty and loves to mess around. He wants to join a group that will take care of Freya and Their pups.
Hunter was born to a rouge She-wolf named Rose and a rouge wolf named Bailey. They abandoned him as soon as he could hunt. He tried to join many groups but none wanted him. He soon met Saxon and Freya. They were the only ones who would take care of him and love him like a brother. He loved Freya from the beginning and Started to be more attracted to her. He then asked if she could be his mate and to his surprise, She said yes.
Pack: Saxon's Pack


My dogs:

Saxon's group: Saxon
Sonic's Group: Leo, Orion, Artemis, Mint, Dawn
Aqua's Group:
Phoenix's Rouge group: Phoenix
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PostSubject: Re: Freya and Hunter of Saxon's pack   Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:09 pm

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Freya and Hunter of Saxon's pack
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